Junior Results

The winter season finishes at the end of March, so far 10 of our players have won 22 Grade 5 or higher tournaments between them.  


Congratulations to: Jotham Tonge-Bobia 16U Boys, Michael Mhangami 14U Boys, Stanislas Ntchouissi 14U Boys, Andrew Brown 14U Boys, Naomi Brown 12U Girls, Maceo Simpson 12U Boys, Maria Amoah 9U Girls, Alex Ceban 9U Boys, Mukhtar Andu  9U Boys, Teddy Upton 8U Boys and Michael Frimpong 8U Boys.

Jotham Tonge-Bobia

Age group 16U Boys, number of wins  (2)

SCTC (Jan), SCTC (U18 Sep)

Michael Mhangami 14U Boys (1)

DL Heston (Grade 4)

Stanislas Ntchouissi 14U Boys (1)

Kent 14U County (Grade 4)

Andrew Brown 14U Boys (1)

SCTC (Jan)

Naomi Brown 12U Girls (3)

SCTC (Jan U16), SCTC (Oct), Carshalton Open (14U  Grade 4)

Maceo Simpson 12U Boys (1)

Carshalton (Grade 4)

Maria Amoah 9U Girls (1)

SCTC (Jan)

Alex Ceban 9U Boys  (4)

Reedham (10U), Esher (10U), Beckenham (10U Grade 4), Chingford (9U)

Mukhtar Andu  9U Boys (5)

Westway (10U Grade 3), Sutton (10U Grade 3), VA Surrey Regional Tour (10U Grade 3), Kent (10U Grade 4), Surrey Winter County (10U Grade 3)

Teddy Upton 8U Boys  (1)

Virgin Active Surrey

Michael Frimpong 8U Boys (2)

SCTC (Nov), SCTC (Dec)

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