New Ladder Round Starts Today!

The new ladder has started and will finish on Sunday 2 November.  Everyone needs to play at least one match by Sun 14 September.  Rules and details on Ladder page


League 1

Akom, Arum, Benjamin-Hardie Robert, carew charlie, Diaz Carlos, Galton, Victor,Louw Dean and Lush James

League 2

Babatunde david, Bignone Lionel, Casey Ian, Chapman Julia, Mathurin Patrick, Stubbs Mike, Swain Sam

League 3

Ghittino Massimiliano, Hayman David, Hortet Joan, Morris, Ollie, Quinn Jeremiah, turc Flaviu

League 4

Campbell Daniel  Daniel Sheldon, Lonergan Sean, madden thomas, Mhangami Kossam, Simiyu Bramwell

League 5

Choi Daniel, Cracco Dario, Dingui, Steve, Mistry Vim, Nelson, Darren, Parish James, Wangpraseurt Artison

League 6

Anthony Whitter, Beach, Becca, Emordi Gabriel, Hewitt, Rob, Patel Tesh, Tootal Henry, Yihan, Miao

League 7

Chow Hong, Hodgson, David, Howett Nic, Huggon, Tom, James Hugh, Lynn Daniel, Martignon Marie

League 8

Boyse, Peter, Davitt Tomas, Dingui Steve, Hudson, Jeff, Jay Alicia, O'Brien Derek, Tadman, Jack, Stoddart, Gavin

League 9

Alagan Mathi, Gayya Jimmy, Hutchin Paul, Konstantinaki, Kakia, Ma, Kevin, MacKinnon Isebail, Misbahuddin Anjum, Loton, Neil,

League 10

Harber Rosalind, McMahon, John, Mitalaite Judita, monzani benedetta, Riet C, Ross, Andy, Havers, Tom, Whittall Sophie

League 11

Aarons, Daniel, Fitter Richard, Grigoletti Giovanni, Patel Krishen, Wostefeld, Petra, Ralph, Jay, Stanley Vicky, Underhill Jo

League 12

Czeczek, Monika, Clejine, Julie, During George, Nollett Monika, Rapsomanikis George

Schafer Sabine, Silva Sara

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