Adult Tennis: Overview

Adult Coaching Courses Ended for 2020

Due to the ban on outdoor tennis activities during the lockdown period from 5 November to 3 December we have taken the decision to end our adult tennis coaching courses for the year.  However, we hope to be able to resume drop in classes in December.  Please sign up to our newsletter (click here) to receive details of these and the new 2021 term.


We will process refunds soon.  

Mailing list - if you are no longer receiving emails from us, or want to subscribe, please click here  this is the best way to keep informed as we add more courses. 

Adult courses - typically 5-7 week long courses at GMH and Burgess Parks, please click here

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Private coaching - details of our coaches please click here

Racket stringing (here

Covid 19

– If you show any symptoms please do not play.
– Use hand sanitiser / wash your hands before and after play
– Do not shake hands or have any bodily contact with opponents/partners during the course of your match
– Try not to share rackets, to help stop the spread of germs

For more information please follow the links below.