Ball Machine

Southwark City Tennis Club has a ball machine that can be hired out to members for £5 per hour.  Membership gives you a free hour (subject to court hire).  The ball machine needs to be used on court 3, 4, 6 or ideally court 7 to minimise the impact on other users.


We do recommend two people use the machine.  This helps with collecting the balls but also allows the mimicking of tennis points and rests more closely (play 6-8 shots then second player takes over and keep swapping).  


Health and Safety

Please note the ball machine is powered by a car battery and it cannot be used in wet conditions.  Please bear this in mind when hiring.

Children under 13 need to be accompanied by an adult to use the machine.

Never put your hand into the machine nor walk in front of the machine when it is still live, it may look like it has finished firing but there can often be one ball still pending.

Further ideas on using the ball machine

9 minute video of Spinfire Pro2 at David Lloyd (our remote is different to the one used in the video)

Review of Spinfire Pro 2

Spinfire Pro2 in use. (6 mins)


2.27 mins, player with elbow problems using Spinfire Pro2.
Ball Machine Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document 520.5 KB