Private Coaching

Umran Ali and mobile 07736-330-542

£30 + court fee


Milton Gayle and mobile 07843-307-632

Rates by agreement


Alex Kaminski and 07783-530-409  

Rates by agreement


Guillermo Zoilo and 07484754027

By agreement


Denis McMillan and 07813-867-864

Rates by agreement



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Be SMART.  Have a specific goal in mind (perhaps improving a shot that is letting you down in matches), measurable (to get 6 out of 10 first serves in and be able to direct it to either the forehand or backhand), agreed (be clear with your coach what it is that you want from the sessions, get their advice on this and agree how the session(s) will be structured),  realistic (if you have limited time this is fine but set your goals accordingly and this should also take into account the number of lessons you can budget for), time bound (give yourself an end point so you can take stock of your progress and whether you will be stop or what you want to work on next). 


There may be a specific technical issue a coach can help you sort out in one lesson but generally you should think in terms of a series of lessons to gain an improvement.


Coaches get a great amount of job satisfaction from seeing students improve and by working with your coach to set a common goal you will get the best out of them.  It also gives them a chance to put together some drills appropriate for you.  


Finally, be prepared to put in the time between sessions to practice, if you have 1 hour of coaching you should aim for perhaps 2 hours practice before the next session. 


Top tips

  • Arrive on time, if you are early start warming up and getting your mind focused on the session ahead.
  • Make brief notes on the session and the key things you are going to practice. 
  • Try to find a practice partner that also wants to improve so you can practice and perhaps share the cost of lessons. 
  • For more experienced players consider taking a break from playing matches while you are getting used to changes in your game.
  • Be organised, turn up for the sessions you book or cancel with a couple of days notice.  Using the ball machine, practice serves, using the practice wall can also help. 


Coaches will generally require 48 hours notice to cancel sessions, please clarify your coaches policy with regards to this as you may have to pay for sessions that are cancelled at short notice.  Also, court fees booked at Burgess Park are non-refundable unless 24 hours notice is given. 


Note your arrangement is a private one with the coach.  However, Be Active is very interested in feedback, good and bad on the coaches authorised to work at the venue.  Please contact us on or Umran Ali on mobile 07736-330-542 for feedback or advice on private coaching. 


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