Racket Stringing

Racket Stringing with Umran
from 7 September
Our Head Coach, Umran is stringing rackets with a labour charge of £12.   Stringing prices including labour are £19 (entry level), £22.50 (mid range) and £27 (top end).  To discuss stringing options please call Umran on 07736330542.
Rackets can be left and collected from the cafe area at Burgess Park.
Tennis balls are available from the cafe for £6.50 per tube of 4 balls.


Racket Stringing with Jotham
Jotham is stringing rackets with a labour charge of £12.   Add the following amount for different string types as follows:
Own strings: £0
Multi-filament: £20
Synthetic Gut: £15
Polyester: £10
Hybrid prices
Multi-filament x Synthetic Gut: £22
Multi-filament x Polyester: £15
Synthetic Gut x Polyester: £10
Normal service is 3 days (included in price) but Jotham offers express 24 hrs (+£5) and 12 hours (same day +£10). Jotham can be reached on Mobile 07713836865, email jothamtb@gmail.com, he is based in Addington Square near the tennis courts at Burgess Park.  (cash / card accepted)