Court Bookings

For further information and to cancel amend court bookings please click here 


New office phone number 07759131439  (apologies the landline number may ring but no longer works)


Opening hours: Building Mon - Fri 12 noon to 9pm and courts 8am to 10pm.  Sat and Sun Building 9am to 7pm and courts 8am to 8pm.


New ladder round now open, join by 12 Feb please click here

Wimbledon ballot - club members you need to take action to participate.  Please click here for details.  


Court 7 is separate from the main block of courts and does not have floodlights.  It was not resurfaced in 2017 with the other courts and is not in as good condition and the line markings are faint.  Please book one of the main block of courts (1-6) if this is an issue, for example competitive matches.


Booking help - please click here.


 The Burgess Park courts are public and everyone is welcome to book.  If you book coaching or courts regularly take a look at the OpenPlay app on your mobile phone; Android click here and Apple click here.


For help on bookings, including how to cancel, please click here.


Court prices per hour (per court not per player):  £6 non-member, £5 member.  Juniors and concessions £2.40 non-members and £1.50 members during off peak hours.  Off peak times are Mon-Fri up to 7pm and weekends after 3pm. 

The surcharge for floodlights is £2.40 per hour. 



Mailing list - please click here  this is the best way to stay up to date.