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You can use your normal court booking account to book drop in sessions.  If you want, you can still come along on the day and, if we have room, you can join the class/session.  However, we are introducing advance bookings to manage busy sessions, if you book ahead online you will be assured of a place on the class and this should help save wasted trips.

Example of using the Category filter to find Drop In Sessions more easily
Example of using the Category filter to find Drop In Sessions more easily

My Prepaid packages you can book prepaid packages but need to be logged into your account to do so.  There are 3 packages to choose from (1) covering one hour coaching sessions and (2) 90 min drop in coaching sessions and (3) Wednesday social doubles sessions.  


They make it easier to book without entering card details etc. as well as saving you money!

Never booked with us before? Then just go ahead and make a booking, you will be signed up automatically as you check out (we just need a phone number, email and password).  For members discounts please see FAQs below.

 To make a booking 

Step 1 - use the Category filter and choose Drop In 

Step 2 - choose the date(s) you would like to play on and click on book

Step 3 - complete the details and click on Add another Booking as required.

Step 4 - when you have booked all the sessions you want click on go to Checkout and Pay* (if you have credit or a prepaid package the booking goes straight through!) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

 1) I am not getting a Be Active cardholder discount.

We can only assign a discount status after you set up an account.  It is best to do this when you make your first booking.  If you have a membership please contact us straight after you book, we can credit any excess fee paid as a non-member and make sure you get the membership discounts in future.


2) Do I have to do a card transaction for every single booking?

No, you can put a credit on your account.  This will allow you to make future bookings using this balance, it also helps us to keep costs down by reducing the bank charges we pay. 


3) Do I lose my money if it rains or I need to withdraw from a session?

Please see our  Booking Policy (click here) for full details, you will get a credit for any sessions cancelled due to bad weather or if you cancel your session with more than 24 hours notice. 


4) I have a paper coffee card voucher, how does this affect me?  

We are phasing out the paper vouchers.  You can carry on using them as normal or ask at the desk at Burgess Park to change them to an electronic voucher.  


5) I am really keen to mix sessions, why can't I just use one prepaid package?

We have to apologise, the way our booking system works we have to have a different prepaid package for each session with a different price. It is not ideal but we really hope the certainty that you are guaranteed a place on the session outweighs this.  You can of course just pay as you go.  


6) Can I book for more than one person

Yes, currently we allow you to book for two people and you will be asked for the name of the second person.

After creating an account and logging in you and then clicking on Customer Area (the link for this is located just above the stars for the reviews on the Court and Drop In Booking page) you will see the following screen.

If you click on "Your prepaid credits" you will see a screen like the one below.

Shows how many prepaid sessions you have for the different drop in sessions and social doubles.
Shows how many prepaid sessions you have for the different drop in sessions and social doubles.

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