Competitive Tennis

LTA Tournaments

The benefits of competition are that it makes coaching more relevant, tests the children in different ways, shows areas to work on, introduces self reliance, scoring and sportsmanship.  Members can enter our tournaments by using the contact form.  Full details on the competition and who has entered can be found on  (use postcode SE5 7LA to find Burgess Park or use the competition code for each event e.g. SUR15S3653) or use the links below.


All Events are 1pm starts unless indicated.  Club members can enter through the contact form on our website (payment £2 on the day), entries close 7 days before, to help us please get in your entries as early as you can.  


Date Time Age Group Reference


Mon 4 Apr 1pm 8&U (G5) SUR16S2150 

Mon 4 Apr 1pm 10&U (G5) SUR16S2151 

Tue 5 Apr 1pm 9&U (G5) SUR16S2152 

Wed 6 Apr 1pm 18U (G6) TBC

Thu 7 Apr 1pm 18U (G6) TBC

Fri 8 Apr 1pm 14U Road to Wimbledon TBC

Tue 31 May 1pm 8&U (G5) SUR16S2156 

Tue 31 May 1pm 10&U (G5) SUR16S2157 

Wed 1 Jun 1pm 9&U (G6) TBC

Thu 2 Jun 1pm Ratings (G6) TBC

Fri 3 June 1pm 14&U (G5) SUR16S2160 


Club Championships   Mon 25—Sat 30 July



Mon 1 Aug 1pm 8&U (G5) SUR16S2161 

Mon 1 Aug 1pm 10&U (G5) SUR16S2162 

Tue 2 Aug 1pm 9&U (G6) TBC

Wed 3 Aug 1pm Ratings 9.1-10.2 (G6) TBC

Thu 4 Aug 1pm Ratings (G6) SUR16S2171 

Fri 5 Aug 1pm 16&U Boys (G5) SUR16S2173 

Mon 8 Aug 1pm 8&U (G5) SUR16S2174 

Mon 8 Aug 1pm 10&U (G5) SUR16S2175 

Tue 9 Aug 1pm 9&U (G5) SUR16S2176 

Wed 10 Aug 1pm Ratings 9.1-10.2 (G6) TBC

Thu 11 Aug 1pm Ratings Boys 8.1-8.2 (G6) TBC