How Tennis Shoes Have Changed Over Time?

Tennis shoes evolution

Tennis shoes have evolved significantly from the simple, flat-soled footwear of the past. Originally designed for basic comfort and durability, today’s tennis shoes incorporate advanced materials and technology to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Over the years, innovations have focused on making shoes lighter, more supportive, and suitable for various playing surfaces. Here’s a look … Read more

What is Walkover In Tennis? – Meaning, Rules & Stats

Walkover in tennis

In tennis, a “walkover” isn’t as leisurely as it sounds. It’s a term that signifies one player’s withdrawal, giving their opponent an automatic win. As a tennis coach with years of experience and numerous exhibition matches under my belt, I’ve seen walkovers happen for various reasons—be it injury, personal emergencies, or even strategic forfeits. Understanding … Read more

Who is Daria Kasatkina’s Husband? Everything You Need to Know

Daria Kasatkina

When it comes to professional tennis, Daria Kasatkina has made a name for herself with her powerful play and impressive career achievements. However, when people search for information about her personal life, a surprising question often arises: Who is Daria Kasatkina’s husband? The answer may surprise you, as it breaks traditional expectations and sheds light … Read more

Who Is Henry Searle, the 2023 Junior Wimbledon Champion?

Henry Searle, the 2023 Junior Wimbledon Champion

I believe we all saw history being made on July 16, 2023. After 61 long years, a British boy finally won the Junior Wimbledon Championship. Henry Searle, a talented young player, joined the ranks of legends like Stanley Matthews.  His path to victory is all about determination, hard work, and the incredible support he received. In this … Read more

Top 10 Tallest Tennis Players and Their Achievements

Reilly Opelka

Today, we’re checking out the tallest tennis players and their amazing achievements. From lightning-fast serves to crushing volleys, these players prove that sometimes, being taller does give you an edge.  While height can’t replace skill and practice, it definitely helps with serves and unreachable shots. Growing up, I was always the tallest kid in class, … Read more

How Much Does a Tennis Ball Weigh – Everything You Need to Know

Tennis Ball How Much Does it Weight

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) sets strict guidelines for the weight of a tennis ball. These standards ensure a level playing field and maintain the integrity of the sport. A tennis ball must adhere to these regulations to be used in professional play, and these standards influence recreational balls as well. Specific Weight Range According … Read more

How Many Times Has Serena Williams Won Wimbledon? Dominance on the Grass

Serena Williams

Tennis, a sport rich in history and tradition, has seen many champions grace its courts. Among these, a certain player stands out, not just for her skill and tenacity, but for her remarkable journey at one of the sport’s most prestigious tournaments, Wimbledon. The player is Serena Williams. Serena’s First Wimbledon Triumph The year 2002 … Read more

What to Wear to Wimbledon: Ace Your Look

What Should I Wear at Wimbledon

Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, is not just a showcase of exceptional tennis, but also a stage for fashion enthusiasts. Understanding the dress code for this esteemed event is crucial for anyone planning to attend. This guide will navigate you through the essentials of dressing for this occasion, ensuring … Read more

Where to Play Tennis in London? – Ultimate Guide


Welcome, fellow tennis enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned player, a weekend warrior, or a newcomer to the game looking to get your feet wet, London’s tennis scene has something to offer everyone. As the host city to the world-famous Wimbledon Championship, it’s safe to say tennis is more than a casual pastime here – it’s … Read more